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How do I join the Aventure Media network?

We encourage all of our fans to share their talents with us within the digital industry. As we are based in Birmingham we understand that this is not conveinient for all of our fans so we have created a cloud solution with the help of a Microsoft cloud solution provider - Cloudworks.

Cloudworks is a Microsoft partner who cleared all of our cloud confusion worries. We now have a easy cloud solution which allows our member to upload and share their latest media projects.

Do you have any jobs at Aventure Media?

All vacancies are advertised via the Current Vacancies page on our website.

I am a TV producer/writer, but I do not yet have a commercially viable business. Can Aventure Media give me money to produce a pilot?

In some cases, we may be able to help you produce a pilot: usually it will depend on whether you have gained interest from a broadcaster and/or production company. Email us with a brief summary of your idea and interest in it, to enable us to allocate someone to contact you.