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Aventure Media's Talent NetworkEvents for UK freelancers

Monster Make Up: the Nuts and Bolts of Make Up in Horror Films
Thursday 24 February 2016
Place:, 73 Watling St London, EC4M 9BJ(map)
Time: 3:45pm - 8pm plus networking afterwards – accompanied by delicious hot food and a drink on us!
Ticket Price: £26 payable in advance via eventbrite 

Aventure Media’s Talent Network in partnership with London Skillset Media Academy and Mayhem Horror Festival presents:

Monster Make Up: the Nuts and Bolts of Make Up in Horror Films 
Aventure Media is delighted to welcome director Simon Hunter, (Lighthouse, Mutant Chronicles), prosthetic and special effects (sfx) make up designer Paul Hyett (The Descent 1 & 2, Red Riding trilogy The Cottage, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, London to Brighton) and BAFTA-nominated make up designer Jacqueline Fowler (Hunger, Harry Brown, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Red Riding 1974), to a very special Talent Network Event, looking at horror and fantasy make up from three angles:

• The director’s vision of fantasy horror characters
• How this vision is realised by a prosthetics/sfx designer and a hair and make up supervisor
• The practical processes involved in achieving the final result  

Here’s what’s going to be happening…

4pm - 5:30pm Workshop 
The workshop will cover:
• Considerations when realising a horror make up character concept;
• A practical demonstration of applying a prosthetic wound;
• Discussions on the practical processes, scheduling and creative issues around horror prosthetics and make up, from concept to realisation.  
There will be opportunities for Q&A and trouble shooting of specific issues after this session. 

6pm - 7:30pm Masterclass: Paul Hyett and Jacqueline Fowler
Paul and Jacqueline’s portfolio of make up and prosthetics work spans a host of filmmaking genres and titles over the past 15 years.  This Masterclass aims to cover:
• How make up teams realise a director’s vision;
• Assessing the practical, budget and scheduling considerations alongside the artistic and creative processes involved in testing and finalising make up and prosthetic design;
• Make up teams – building teams of contacts which last the test of time.

A variety of clips will be shown to illustrate techniques throughout the Masterclass. 
There will be time for a Q&A at the end of the session.  

Who should attend Monster Make Up?
The event is film-focused and will benefit professionals working in film and television, who are looking to find out more about horror prosthetics, spx and hair and make up.  It will benefit filmmakers looking to learn from the practical experiences of an experienced fantasy horror director and make up team.  

How do I book my place?
You need to register and pay in advance (do that here).  
There are very limited places available, so if you just turn up on the day you may not get in!

Attendees of previous Talent Network events have said...
I just wanted to say what an excellent event I thought it was last Thursday! The whole thing was brilliantly organised with excellent speakers in their relative expertise.
I felt the event was excellent and pitched just right.
I thought it was a great balance of the technical (well pitched for the tech guys who attended) and also the inspired professional.

About the Speakers: 
Simon Hunter
After graduating film school in 1993 Simon went on to write and direct a handful of shorts - one of which, Wired, impressed British Screen so much that they immediately invested in Lighthouse, a $2.5m feature film. 

Whilst directing commercials, Simon started to specialise in using visual effects to enhance (rather than dominate) his work. Simon and his producing partner Tim Dennison approached Ed Pressman, producer of The Crow and Judge Dread, to finance a short 7 minute mood film for a sci fi movie entitled Mutant Chronicles. Taking 4 days to shoot and five months in post, the entire film was shot without the use of any facility house and the effects were completed together with the grading at an edit facility that Simon housed in his garden in London. After screening the teaser around Hollywood, financing of Mutant Chronicles started in spring 2006.  The production process would involve nearly 2000 visual effects shots (a British record), and take nearly two years to complete. By the end of 2007 Simon had worked on the film for almost three years.   

His next film, Safehouse, a thriller set in the American Rockies, is due to start pre-production in Autumn 2015 with principal photography starting in the Spring of 2016. Shooting will take place in South Africa.  

Simon has been a leading advocate for digital filmmaking and regularly lectures on the subject. In the Spring of 2008 he worked closely with Canon, helping them launch a new range of high-definition cameras in Marrakech. 

Paul Hyett
Paul has been working in special make up effects and creature design for 18 years and is one of the most in demand Special Make Up Effects Designers in the UK. He has been nominated for two Saturn awards, for The Descent and Doomsday. He has worked in all genres and his head of department credits include The Descent 1 & 2, Centurion, Harry Brown, Hunger, Red Riding trilogy, The Cottage, Eden Lake, Tormented, Lighthouse, Mr. Nice, Heartless, The Tudors, Mutant Chronicles, SKY1’s Thorne series, and Kevin MacDonald’s The Eagle. 

Jacqueline Fowler
BAFTA nominated for her work on Red Riding 1974, Jacqueline is one of the most in demand Make Up Designers in the UK today. Her versatility and experience covers all genres from period (Margot, Hunger, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), to horror (Dread, The Cottage, Heartless) to beauty (Flutter) to contemporary (Harry Brown).  Her upcoming releases include the Mediaeval period film of Ironclad and the BBC production of The Crimson Petal and the White based on the best selling book, and the SKY 1 production of Treasure Island.

What is Aventure Media's Talent Network?
If you’re a professional freelancer working in the UK’s film or digital content industries then Aventure Media’s Talent Network events are for you.  They provide an insightful, practical way to learn and a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with industry peers.  Plus, through the support of industry partners such as BAFTA, Talent Network events give you access to top notch industry speakers from across the UK.  
Each Talent Network event is split into two sessions: first a practical ‘how to’ demonstration, next a master class from fantastic, industry-acclaimed speakers.

Please note:
• Refreshments will be provided and are included in the ticket price.
• Once tickets have been purchased refunds will not be given, unless the event is cancelled.
• Aventure Media's Talent Network events will be filmed as part of a London Skillset Media Academy project, which will later be available online. By registering and paying for this event you will be consenting and permitting us to use your contribution in whole or in part as an audience attendee to use for exhibition and distribution on all platforms worldwide in perpetuity without restriction. 

What is Aventure Media's Talent Network?
In a nutshell; if you’re a professional freelancer working in the UK’s film or digital content industries then Aventure Media’s Talent Network events are for you!  They provide an insightful, practical way to learn, a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with industry peers, and give you access to top notch industry speakers. 

Each Talent Network event is split into two sessions: first a practical ‘how to’ demonstration, next a master class from a fantastic speaker.

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